Saturday, July 03, 2010

Couch potatoing gone CRAZY

From The Wrap:

Movie Blogger Supersizes Himself
By Daniel Frankel
Published: July 2, 2010

“I definitely feel like Morgan Spurlock right now,” concedes Chuck Walton, a thirtysomething editor for online movie-ticket seller Fandango.

Certainly, 55 days into his quest to see 100 movies at 100 different theaters in 100 nights, Walton’s physiology and personal life are starting to resemble those of famous documentarian Spurlock, in the latter self-experimental stages of his groundbreaking fast-food expose “Super Size Me.”

Dining on buttery popcorn, nachos and hot dogs, Walton – an athletically built surfer of Samoan lineage – has gained 15 pounds.

“I would challenge the fast food stand as the quickest way to gain a lot of weight fast,” he said. “You can do it a lot faster at the movie concession stand.”

His girlfriend hasn’t broken up with him … but she’s not necessarily down with the whole movie plan, either. She’s currently in Chicago, staying with her mother.

At Fandango – where managers have underwritten, marketed, encouraged and dared along Walton’s quest – several interns have been hired to help prop up the editor’s suffering work performance.

“This has been a little tougher than I thought it would be,” conceded Walton, who posts daily updates of his nightly viewing experiences at

“I’m in a movie theater four hours a day, but nobody took away my regular job,” he said. “I’m trying to fit this into all the birthdays and weddings and everything else that goes on in my life.”

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