Saturday, July 24, 2010

The home of Nero Wolfe

Ed here: Carolyn Kellog of the LA Times' Jacket Copy appears to have found Nero Wolfe's actual home.

Carolyn Kellog:

Last week, Jacket Copy looked at a various projects focused on authors' homes. Today, we bring you something slightly different -- the real-life home of a fictional character.

When I was in New York for the Book Expo publishing conference, trundling to Javits Center from the subway, I stopped in a shadow for no particular reason and found myself face to face with a plaque declaring that I was before the home of Nero Wolfe.

Wolfe was a rotund, cranky, orchid-growing genius detective, notorious for never leaving his house. His assistant Archie Goodwin did the legwork around the city -- as well as narrated the stories. Goodwin was a snappy dresser, slick with the ladies, and by turns respectful of and frustrated by Wolfe, who was both brilliant and difficult.

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Ron Scheer said...

Enjoyed this. As a young reader, I was a fan of Nero. Unforgettable character.