Monday, October 04, 2010

The Autumn Mystery Scene

Ed here: I have to say that as someone who spent nearly eighteen years along with Bob Randisi working on Mystery Scene the issue that Kate and Brian have put together is especially notable. Not only are the articles and features something every mystery lover will enjoy--the pages are all slick and there is four color from cover to cover. A huge step forward and a milestone in the magazine's history.

Table of Contents


Kathy Reichs: Bones and Beyond
Her bestselling novels about a forensic anthropologist, Temperance Brennan, and the hit TV series they inspired are only the beginning for this powerhouse.
by Oline H. Cogdill

William Kent Krueger
Long known as a “writer’s writer,” the word is spreading about this author’s richly characterized, densely plotted,and emotionally resonant novels.
by Lynn Kaczmarek

Murder on the Menu
There’s nothing more delicious than crime writers cooking up trouble—and writing down recipes.
by Kevin Burton Smith

Lester Dent: The Man Behind Doc Savage
As the creator of an iconic hero, Lester Dent was hugely successful, prolific, influential—and virtually unknown.
by Michael Mallory

The Write Stuff: Authors in Crime
The literary life is thrilling, dangerous, even deadly—well, at least it is in these films.
by Art Taylor

Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Sister
There’s a strong case to be made that Enola is the best detective in the Holmes family.
by Cheryl Solimini

The Murders in Memory Lane: Charles Willeford
A writer as idiosyncratic as his characters.
by Lawrence Block

What's Happening...With C.C. Benison
by Brian Skupin


At the Scene
by Kate Stine

Hints & Allegations
Writers on Reading: Deon Meyer. 2010 Thriller Awards, 2010 David Award, 2010 Ned Kelly Awards, The New Hawaii 5-0.

Our Readers Recommend
by Mystery Scene readers

Writing Life: Gormania
Forgotten Books; Nancy Pickard; Frenzy; Perry Mason.
by Ed Gorman

New Books Essays
Bowling for Rhinos
by Betty Webb

Back Home
by Michael W. Sherer

Dateline: Hemingway
by Diane Gilbert Madsen

Boston, Inside Out
by Rosemary Herbert

Crime Scene Crazy
by L.J. Sellers

Sounds of Suspense: Audiobooks Reviewed
by Dick Lochte

Child's Play: Books for Young Sleuths
by Roberta Rogow

Short & Sweet: Short Stories Considered
by Bill Crider

Small Press Reviews: Covering the Independents
by Betty Webb

Very Original: Paperback Originals Reviewed
by Lynne Maxwell

What About Murder? Reference Books Reviewed
by Jon L. Breen

Mystery Scene Reviews


The Docket


Mystery Miscellany
by Louis Phillips

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Terrill lankford said...

That looks like a great issue.

Todd Mason said...

MYSTERY SCENE is more likely to be found, of late, but not always the latest issue.

(Listening to 1955 GUNSMOKEs on and the dissonance between the drama and the L&M cigs "Live Modern" campaign is pretty amusing.)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gorman:

I am reading my second Ed Gorman novel, Save the Last Dance for Me, and picked up a glaring mistake. Larry of the Three Stooges has curly hair, not a bowl cut as you describe! Moe has the bowl cut. (I am fortunate enough to have been a cousin of Larry Fine's and he has never had a bowl cut.

Searching for this blog, I see that other's have commented on poor research in your books. How about not being so prolific and slowing down enough to properly research your writing, or (gasp!) spend a little bit of that coin you are raking in to hire a research assistant?!

Larry's Cousin

Todd Mason said...

Almost as funny as the Stooges.

Todd Mason said...

(and the Howard and Fine Stooges weren't very funny, by me.)