Monday, May 16, 2011

Tales From The Crossroads, Volume One 99 cents!

Ed here: No better bargain anywhere. So far I've read Tom Piccirrilli's This, and That's The End of It. A chilling, powerful take on mortality, the idea of family and the ineluctable burden of loss. A true knock-out. I'm greedily looking forward to the rest.

Edited by David Niall Wilson & David Dodd, Tales From the Crossroad Volume 1 brings together ten short stories and five novel excerpts from a talented group of Crossroad Press authors. Consisting of obscure reprints and one original short story, plus chosen excerpts from the authors' novels, this is a great introduction to their work, as well as a valuable resource for locating their books. Each author's complete Crossroad Press catalog is linked in the book for your convenience.


Simple & All Souls Day by AL Sarrantonio
This, and That's the End of It & Woman in the Dark by Tom Piccirilli
The Three Srangers & NOK (previously unpublished) by Gerard Houarner
The Unmasking & How to Survive a Fire at the Greenmark by Steve Rasnic Tem
Jeaves & The Deteriorating Relations & "And So Will I Remember You" by Chet Williamson.

Exerpts from The Boy With Penny Eyes by Al Sarrantonio, Nightjack by Tom Piccirilli, The Beast That Was Max by Gerard Houarner, The Book of Days by Steve Rasnic Tem and REIGN by Chet Williamson.

Walk out onto the Crossroad...take that eBook reader in hand...enter, and read.

Look for future volumes of Tales From the Crossroad available soon.

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

Sounds good!

You would think with all these folks claiming to have e-readers I could find somebody walking around here with one that I could beat senseless with my cane and take it from them. I am still looking....