Friday, December 28, 2012

The Interrogator and other Criminally Good Fiction

The Interrogator and other Criminally Good Fiction

From Publisher's Weekly:

"Heavyweights of the genre such as Lee Child, Laura Lippman, and David Morrell headline this strong anthology of 26 crime stories. Unsurprisingly, there’s not a dud in the bunch; surprisingly, the best entry may be a comic riff on Rex Stout—Dave Zeltserman’s “Archie’s Been Framed.” It’s hard to resist a line like: “While Julius refers to me as Archie, and I act as his private secretary, research assistant, unofficial biographer, and all-around man Friday, I am in actuality a four-inch rectangular piece of advanced technology that Julius wears as a tie clip.” Wry humor is in play in Jeffery Deaver’s “The Plot,” which takes some affectionate pokes at the James Patterson fiction factory. Other highlights include Loren D. Estleman’s Valentino mystery, “The List”; T. Jefferson Parker’s twisty “Luck”; and Doug Allyn’s Civil War thriller, “The Scent of Lilacs.” (Nov.)

Ed here: This was the last anthology I did with my long time best friend and publishing partner Marty Greenberg so it's a special book to me. I also think--and I'm not blowing smoke--that I prefer this one to all our other annuals. So many, many fine stories and such a fine  package. 

I want to thank publisher Rich Chizmar of Cemetery Dance for taking the chance with us; Brian Freeman the point man from CD who had to put up with me three times a week. And thank you to  J.T. Lindross for the cover; Gail Cross for the cover design; and Kate Freeman Design for the interior design.

Copies will be available in a few days. Amazon is selling the 500 page anthology for $13.19 which is six dollars off the retail price. It will also be available on Kindle and other e services. 


Dave Zeltserman said...

Ed, I'm proud to be in it, and J.T. did do a spectacular job with the cover!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Hope things are going well, Ed. We all think of you daily.

michael said...

Good to see you back Ed. Happy New Year.

Ben Boulden said...

I look forward to these best of year editions you and Martin Greenberg edit. The publisher has changed over the years, but the quality of the product has never varied. I'm glad to see CD is in on the act with this one.

Jeff Baker said...

I started writing short fiction in part because of reading the anthologies Greenberg and Mike Resnick edited in the early '90's. I will absolutely be getting this!

Kevin Fernandez said...

Wow! I am very happy to see your post and hope you are fine and happy new year.