Thursday, February 14, 2013


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Mathew Paust said...

My true Nightwhizzer story: Parents, sister, our cat and I drove out to California to visit an uncle who lived in L.A. and to attend the 1960 Rose Bowl Game (in which Washington State stomped Wisconsin 44-8, traumatizing me for decades). During our visit, whilst driving along Sunset Boulevard sightseeing with Uncle Jordan, my dad and I had to pee. Jordan stopped at a gas station and we made it to the men's room in the nick of time. As we were conducting our business, someone started pounding on the door muttering drunkenly. Dad told whomever it was to wait. The guy eventually quit pounding by the time we were through. On our way out we saw him peeing into some bushes behind the station muttering to himself. Back in the car, Jordan told us it was Darren McGavin.

Jordan, a lawyer who represented some of the local notables at the time, knew McGavin and told us he was down on his luck. His series playing Mike Hammer was over and he hadn't yet been signed for Riverboat. His wife had thrown him out and he was living with his sister.