Thursday, October 03, 2013

Bookgasm You Can’t Kill a Corpse reviewed by BRUCE GROSSMAN


 Over at the fine fine fine site Bookgasm reviewer Bruce Grossman is fond of unearthing truly forgotten books. He writes very well and he knows how to shape his material. And again he leads us to books that deerve a second chance.

You Can’t Kill a Corpse

Jim Clane is a salesman. Well, that’s how he presents himself. Clane is more a gun-for-hire type of worker — a man who you give a large sum of money to do jobs that no one else will. This time he is hired to “help” with a local election by trying to discredit the mayor who has been in office far too long — that’s according to Thorne, the man who hired Clane.
Once Clane is in town, it’s obvious the town is about as crooked and corrupt as they come. So this job becomes even more intriguing for Clane. He figures the best way to get started at his job is to become a distraction of sorts, with his first actions of that causing a near-panic at the political gathering.
Soon, Clane becomes the scorn of the local mayor and his very important influential friends. But none of this is going to dissuade him from his job.
Then things take a turn that Clane did not expect, after meeting with a local reporter who winds up dead with plenty of evidence around his body to show someone is being set up. But that’s not the only death that happens — just as soon as the body of the reporter winds up in Clane’s lap, so to speak, when the local newspaper publisher is also dead. It is made to look like a suicide, except the gun that did the deed is missing.
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