Saturday, November 02, 2013

From Dave Zeltserman about his post on my blog a few days ago

Hi Ed, I had a most interesting experience, to say the east, after I
published my piece over at the Kindleboards. You can read the messages
on this message thread:,166244.0.html

The moderator took down some of the more surly and personal attack
messages. One very unstable  woman went berserk over the following
that I wrote:

"what I meant by "real readers" are readers who buy my books with the
expectation of reading them as opposed to hoarding them. There's a
much better chance that readers who buy my print books will actually
read them then those downloading a free promotion or even buying the
book as the result of a Bookbub ad or the (past) aftereffects of a KDP
free promotion. I'm guilty of that--I have 100s of books on my kindle,
and I'll probably only ever read 20% of them. Anecdotally, I hear the
same when I talk with people with kindles, and have had people leave
messages on my FB posts regarding free giveaways to the effect that
they grabbed it, but already have so many kindle books they don't know
if they'll ever get to it. And when you have Stephen Colbert joke
about how a kindle is a great device for storing 1000s of books that
he'll never read, and the audience laughs at it, you know this
phenomenon is real."

She ended her rant with how I reminded her of her ex. I was going to
respond with a simple "My congratulations to your ex" but the
moderator had already pulled her reply.


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