Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Now Available: Mockingbird and Big Earl - James and Livia Reasoner

Now Available: Mockingbird and Big Earl - James and Livia Reasoner

They were an unlikely team, the big, gruff circuit court judge and the talkative Blackfoot girl. Together they travel across the Old West solving mysteries and bringing justice. Judge Earl Stark comes to El Paso to try the case of a man accused of a crime, but it's Mockingbird who finds the clues that lead to what really happened. A man's future depends on a missing dog, and it's up to Mockingbird to figure out the truth!

All you Judge Earl Stark completists will want to pick this up, since it's the rarest appearance of Big Earl, previously published only in a limited edition (as in, we printed it up ourselves and gave it to members of one of our daughter's classes when she was still in elementary school). It's a kid's chapter book aimed at 3rd and 4th grade level readers, but it has a little mystery and some good characters and, well, Big Earl is still Big Earl. I thought this one was lost forever, but Livia came across a copy at her parents' house and now it's back and widely available for the first time. Below is the original cover, with me as Big Earl and our daughter Joanna (who's now a 3rd grade teacher herself) as Mockingbird.


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