Friday, December 12, 2014

Stark House Half Price Sale (from Gravetapping)

Stark House Half Price Sale

Stark House Press—one of my favorite publishers of vintage crime fiction—recently announced its annual Holiday Sale. This year they have a large selection of books—20 to be precise—on sale for half the cover price, which is a terrific deal. The titles are below:
Catherine Butzen: Thief of Midnight
Robert W. Chambers: The Slayer of Souls / The Maker of Moons
James Hadley Chase: Come Easy—Go Easy / In a Vain Shadow
Jada M. Davis: Midnight Road
Don Elliott/Robert Silverberg: Lust Queen / Lust Victim
Feldman & Gartenberg (ed): The Beat Generation & the Angry Young Men
A. S. Fleischman: The Sun Worshippers / Yellowleg
Arnold Hano: So I’m a Heel / Flint / The Big Out
Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: The Unfinished Crime / The Girl Who Had to Die
Russell James: Underground / Collected Stories
Stephen Marlowe: Violence is My Business / Turn Left for Murder
E. Phillips Oppenheim: Ghosts & Gamblers: The Further Uncollected Stories
Vin Packer: The Damnation of Adam Blessing / Alone at Night
Richard Powell: A Shot in the Dark / Shell Game
Bill Pronzini: Snowbound / Games
Peter Rabe: Kill the Boss Good-By / Mission for Vengeance
Douglas Sanderson: The Deadly Dames / A Dum-Dum for the President
Bill Shepard: California Cornerstone
Charlie Stella: Rough Riders
Cynthia Campbell Williams: This Fool’s Journey: Tarot Tales for Modern Minds

For more information visit the latest Stark House newsletter (scroll down towards the bottom of the newsletter).

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