Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Girlie mag writers wanted

I'm editing an anthology of stories culled from the girlie magazines of the sixties and seventies before hard core took over. You know when the mags published STORIES with a little sex in them. So far six mystery writers have sent me stories. If you're a published writer with some girlie mag stories in your past please e mail me at ejgorman99@aol.com  This'll be published by PS Publishing in the UK. Numerous big name writers wrote for these mags. We hope to snag a few of them. I know women wrote for them, too. So if you're one of them please contact me.

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Ron Clinton said...

As a big fan of Orrie Hitt and a few select others (like Block and Westlake, as examples of those "big name writers" you mention), this sounds like a terrific project, Ed. Best of success with it, and consider one copy already pre-sold!