Sunday, January 31, 2016

Now Available: Shoot First - Ed Gorman


I want to thanks Livia and James Reasoner for reprinting

my book.

Now Available: Shoot First - Ed Gorman

With the 20th Century fast approaching, Butte City, Colorado, 
has put its wild and woolly past behind it, and that’s just the way 
Sheriff Reed Matthews likes things in his town. 

But then a secret from ten years in the past rears its ugly 
head, and one of the town’s leading citizens is murdered. 
There’s a Pinkerton detective poking around in Butte City, 
too, and when he also winds up dead, Matthews knows the 
peaceful days he enjoys are every bit as dead as those two 
victims. A lunatic with a grudge is stalking the town, and 
Matthews will have to rip apart several carefully preserved 
webs of lies to get to the truth and stop the killing. 

Once again, Ed Gorman proves why he is the master of 
Western noir in SHOOT FIRST, a cunningly plotted tale of lust,
 greed, and murder, peopled with compelling characters and told 
with razor-sharp suspense.

(This is one of my favorites of Ed's Westerns. If you haven't read it, 
I highly recommend it.)

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