Friday, July 25, 2014

From Ron Goulart-The Great John Easy Mysteries

The Same Lie Twice by Ron Goulart

Ed: In answer to your query as to my thoughts and innermost feelings about my four John Easy, Hollywood Dick, novels since he was resurrected last year from the 1970s to the world of eBooks and audio books. Having a new potential audience for the series is just dandy. But I do wish more readers would find the books in the vast electronic jungle. Critics and readers like yourself and others have championed Easy for years, but it would be nice if more readers kept discovering Easy. I think the best book to start with is THE SAME LIE TWICE, 3rd in the series. It's my favorite. About adultery, crooked SoCal goverment, a missing woman. smoggy weather and Hollywood fringe people.Check with me again next year for another report. Best, Ron Goulart  


Bill Crider said...

I like this series a lot. I have 'em all in the old Ace paperbacks.

RJR said...

I recommend this series to EVERYBODY!!!!