Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pro-File Bill Crider

Tell us about your current novel?

MURDER AMONG THE OWLS. is coming from St. Martin's in February. The acronym is from Older Women's Literary Society. The book's about Sheriff Dan Rhodes, a cat, and, of course, the OWLS. How can it miss? For some reason, even Kirkus liked this one.

Can you give us a sense of what you're working on now?

Right now, nothing. I sent a new Sheriff Rhodes book to St. Martin's in November, and I'm waiting to see what happens next. I have a new agent, and I hope she's pitching some ideas for me. We'll have to see if there's any result.

What is the greatest pleasure of a writing career?

Well, let's see. This month I'd say it was the fun of telling a story, putting all the parts together, and seeing it work out in the end. Maybe I say the because I so recently finished a novel.

The greatest DIS-pleasure?

This month's answer: Having to make changes and revisions in the story I've told.

If you have one piece of advice for the publishing world, what is it?

Buy (and sell) more of my books!

Are there two or three forgotten mystery writers you'd like to see in print again?

Stark House and Hard Case are doing a fine job of this, bringing back Harry Whittington, Charles Williams, Malcolm Braly, Day Keene, Gil Brewer, Peter Rabe, and others. I wouldn't mind seeing Lionel White get a reprint, just to name one more.

Tell us about selling your first novel. Most writers never forget that moment.

It was fun, for sure. Jack Davis called me to tell me that our Nick Carter novel had sold, and I'm sure Ernest Hemingway never felt more proud. That was back in 1981, and I still get a kick out of looking at the cover of THE COYOTE CONNECTION.

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