Saturday, December 09, 2006

Stark House schedule

Even though I'm informally associated with Stark House Publishing, I'm also a fan of Greg Shepard's increasingly popular books. Fan firt, freelance editor second I guess. You'll be a fan too when you see what Greg gas got lined up for 2007.


SEPT 06: Wild to Possess/A Taste for Sin--Brewer

OCT: My Lovely Executioner/Agreement to Kill--Rabe

NOV 06: Look Behind You Lady/Venetian Blonde—Fleischman

JAN 07: Jimbo/The Education of Uncle Paul—Blackwood

FEB 07: Gold Medal Trio—Marlowe/Flora/Runyon

MARCH 07: The Old Battle Axe/Dark Power—Holding

APRIL 07: Underground/Collected Stories—Russell James

MAY 07: A Shot in the Dark/Shell Game—Richard Powell

JUNE 07: Snowbound/Games—Pronzini

JULY 07: The Killer/Devil on Two Sticks—Miller

AUG 07: Dogtown/Soultown--Lambert

SEPT 07: Sweet Money Girl/Life & Death of a Tough Guy—Appel

OCT 07: Anatomy of a Killer/A Shroud for Jesso—Rabe

Greg's got some other really fine books to fll out the year but since the ink isn't dry he's asked me to wait awhile before announcing them.


I was at a used book sale the other day and found a box of paperbacks and science fiction magazines from the Fifties. As I looked through them I was surprised to find that for me anyway, covers can inspire memories as specific as songs and movies. I bought this magazine at the drugstore, this magazine at the bus station, this magazine at th newstand etc. Fifty years ago. I also remember the arguments I got from other sf fans when I said that though Virgil Finley and Kelly Freas were certainly superior technically to Ed Emsh(willer), I still preferred Emsh. Looking at some of his covers in that box I realize now what I liked about his paintings--the layouts and the designs. Stark and dramatic and, for their time, fresh.


Unknown said...

That's an incredibly fine lineup from Stark House. I'm especially looking forward to the Wade Miller, the Richard Powell and of course, the Gold Medal trio.

mybillcrider said...

Great stuff from Stark House, as always.

I hope you bought everything in that box. I never get lucky enough to find stuff like that at garage sales.

I loved Emsh's work on the covers of those old Ace Doubles and magazines like Science Fiction Stories.

Anonymous said...

Delighted to see the Stark schedule.
Anytime Wade Miller gets re-printed I feel something has gone right with the world.

Now if only someone would get around to reprinting the wonderful 'Devil May Care'.

Anonymous said...

Any word on the manuscript that Mercedes Lambert finished before her death? (The third of the "-town" series?)