Sunday, April 29, 2007

From crime to creeps

From Variety:

"Looking to create some buzz, CBS will choose from a pilot slate that includes zombie drama, 'Babylon Fields.'

CBS' 'Twilight' is a drama about a private investigator/vampire.

The network known for its solid, stable schedule is now looking to add another "s"-word to its programming vocabulary: sexy...

Poised to finish a fifth consecutive season as TV's most-watched net, CBS execs could have easily ordered up more of the meat-and-potatoes crime dramas that put them on top. Instead, they've assembled a development slate filled with the sort of swing-for-the-fences ideas normally associated with a net desperately plotting a comeback.

There are still plenty of dead bodies in the Eye's future. But this year, the corpses are taking the form of zombies, vampires and demons.

On the fantasy/sci-fi side, "Babylon Fields" is an hour Tassler describes as " 'Ordinary People' meets 'Day of the Living Dead.' " In other words, yes, there are zombies -- but the show's also about personal relationships, and what happens when the ex-wife you thought was dead suddenly is back in your life.

Then there's "Demons," the Joe Roth-produced drama from "Joan of Arcadia" creator Barbara Hall. It's about a priest waging war with Satan on more than one front."

Ed here: So far the movie horror boom doesn't sem to have translated significantly the publishing industry but it sure looks to have done so with at least one network, CBS.

This should make for an interesting fall season.

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Anonymous said...


Even though I'm a horror fan, I'm a little tired of zombies, vampire detectives, and priests battling Satan, per se. However, if the big brains at CBS would put them all together in a show where the zombies, vampire detectives, priests, and Satan meet Abbott & Costello, I'm there.