Saturday, April 14, 2007

Questions...I get questions

Will there be another two-book year's best anthology?
Yes, as far as I know.

When will your McCain novel Fools Rush In be available?
Right now I'm not sure but I'm hoping for late May or early June

A friend of mine read your western Ghost Town and said it was as good as your suspense novels?
Most of my westerns ARE suspense novels. You'll find little of the usual in them. Most people in the old west weren't gunslingers or lawmen or if they were they weren't much like the types you see in western movies. One reviewer said that I don't write westerns anyway; I write Midwesterns, which is probably true. People forget that at ne time, Iowa and Wisconsin and Mssouri WERE the frontier. Ghost Town, which is one of my two favorite westerns, was based on a freak malaria outbreak in Wisconsin in the 1880s. It's a very urban western.

Do you have a single favorite novel of your own?
The one mystery people seem to like best is THE AUTUMN DEAD; the one dark suspense people seem to like best is CAGE OF NIGHT; the one horror/fantasy people eem to like best is RITUALS; and western people can't seem to agree on which is my best so I'll say that for me the two best are WOLF MOON and GHOST TOWN

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Anonymous said...

I have been looking forward to a new Sam Mccain book for years............any chance it will be sooner?
Doug T