Saturday, August 25, 2007

Brown Meggs; Gorman; bumper sticker


It was a pleasant surprise to stumble across your blog post in April of
this year regarding Saturday Games by Brown Meggs. I also enjoyed the
subsequent blog post from "Bob."

I was doing a little web surfing and I Yahoo'd Brown's name. I am
married to Brown's niece. Her name is Lisa Meade and her mother is
Brown's younger sister. Brown walked Lisa down the aisle and gave her
away at our wedding.

A great guy with a very sharp, dry wit. It took me a short while to
get a read on him as he could be very intimidating at first. Once I
got to know him and we both opened up to each other, I discovered he
was a prince of a man.

You would never know that he had such a storied and stellar career he
had from talking to him. He was a modest man, but his intelligence and
his education stood out from the second I met him. You are correct
when you say his passion was classical music. When Lisa and I were
helping Brown's son, Brook, with Brown's belongings I was impressed by
the size of his classical music CD collection. He was also very adept
at playing the French Horn.

Thank you for your retro review of Saturday Games as it brought back
fond memories of Brown.


Paul Tonelli

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Ed here: Some of you may remember my post on Brown Meggs' Saturday Games. It's one of the slickest suspense novels I've ever read. Meggs could really write and his take on the era of the Me Generation always reminded me of Phil Kauffman's remake of The Invasion of The Body Snatchers. Very nice work.

Dean Brierly of Cinema Retro interviewed me for that fine website. He posted it last night.


Our good friend Mary sent me the following this evening: "Driving home from Mystery Cat, I saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me that read: "No matter how handsome he is, someone is sick of his shit."

That could also be a good song title for some of the tougher women of country western music.

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