Tuesday, August 21, 2007

in the name of humanity can't you stop???

Here's a post from that really fine site Cinema Retro about the latest version of The Body Snatchers. One more reason to look askance at remakes in general. As much as I like Kidman--she's a true beauty and a true actress--I have to reluctantly agree with the glum assessment of her career (below). http://www.cinemaretro.com/index.php

Posted by Cinema Retro in Movie News on Tuesday, August 21. 2007
We predicted that The Invasion, the new interpretation of the classic 1956 film Invasion of the Bodysnatchers would lay an egg at the boxoffice but even we didn't imagine to what extent. Since opening last Friday, the film has brought in a microscopic $2 million nationally. The Ziegfeld Theater in New York City probably grosses that in a week at their popcorn stand. The troubled production had incurred poor word of mouth and was shelved while last minute alterations were made. Much of what made the original story so chilling was dispensed with in favor of inserting run-of-the-mill cars chases and shoot-outs. The ad campaign also virtually buried the fact that this is Daniel Craig's first theatrical release since his sensational success as James Bond in Casino Royale. Although the film was shot before that 007 blockbuster and Craig only has a supporting role, one would have thought his new-found popularity would have been a major ingredient in the ad campaign. Instead, the trailers focused on Nicole Kidman as a gun-toting mom who protects her son by blasting her way through the crowds of pod people. The film just proves an unpleasant truth: whatever boxoffice clout Kidman once had is long gone. There is not a single female star who can be considered a major attraction at this time. Shame on Hollywood for serving the best actresses so poorly. No need to feel sorry for Nicole personally - dopey studio execs paid her a whopping $17 million to star in the film even though she hasn't had a hit since Paris Hilton was a vir

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