Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Fugitive

The first season of The Fugitive is now availavle on DVD at a very reasonable price. I've watched the first three episodes, enough to conclude that, for me anyway, I'm correct--The Fugitive is the best suspense series ever to shine on the screen in your living room.

Concept, writing, acting flawless. I can't recall ever seeing an actor use his limitations to such great benefit as David Janssen does here. The facial tics, the dour delivery, the angled head that suggests weariness, there's a mini-novel in every frame.

This is Roy Huggins' triumph. In an old Mystery Scene he spoke about the trouble he had convincing the networks to buy it. He said they were particularly derisive in turning it down. A man on the run? Maybe you could make him a cowboy, Roy.

The script structure provides the viewer with textbook examples of how to create and sustain suspense. He's always in trouble wherever he stops temporarily--somebody makes a point of finding out who he is. And then they inform Barry Morse whose one-note portrayl of a wolfhound cop is impeccable.

This is a real gem. And again, it's priced far less than most full season DVDs.


Gonzalo B said...

I love those Quinn Martin shows with their prologues, acts and epilogues. The Fugitive, The Streets of San Francisco and especially the short-lived The Invaders (what a great title score it had) were some really solid shows. I wonder why they aren’t available on DVD seeing how other lower-profile titles have already been issued.

Randy Johnson said...

One of my all time favorites. I was watching when they aired the two-part finale, one of the few shows of that era that were allowed to go back and finish the show after it was canceled.