Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pavoratti; Monk

Pavoratti was a diva but he was also the greatest voice of his time and a pretty cool guy. Carol remembers hearing that when he appeared in Iowa City (!) years ago he ended the night by making dinner for the people who'd gathered at a professor's home.

I think he said the wisest thing I've ever heard about the audience (readers) accepting or rejecting you. He recalled how his aunt took him to the opera one night. At its finish the audience leapt to its feet, applauding for many long minuttes. His aunt remained seated, arms folded across her chest. She hadn't liked the performance at all. From this he learned, that you would never please everyone and that you shouldn't try. "Play to those who love you" he said. Good advice.


Carol and I are working our way through the first season of Monk. With each episode I realize that this is one of the most unique series ideas I've ever seen. And the writing, acting and directing only make it better.

For pure pleasure, for pure relaxation, buy yourself the first season. What a show.

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Is this your first viewing of MONK season one? I've enjoyed MONK from the start, but wasn't sure if they would stand up to repeated viewings. So, I have yet to buy the DVD's.