Saturday, September 08, 2007

Robert Terrall; David Markson; Noir Originals; Tom Piccirilli

A big shout-out to Robert Terrall who was covered today in the gossip column Page Six--"Robert Terrall, who's 93, is having his 1960 mystery "Kill Now, Pay Later," featuring wisecracking New York gumshoe Ben Gates, republished by Hard Case Crime for the first time in 47 years."

Also news of a man who once wrote two very good private eye novels (in the same column) "THAT reclusive novelist David Markson made a rare public appearance at the Strand Wednesday night and shared stories about his drinking days with Dylan Thomas and his excitement over the upcoming re-release of "Dirty Dingus Magee," the 1970 movie version of his novel, with Frank Sinatra . . . "


Two excellent articles on Alan Guthrie's Noir Originals. The first, about William Campbell Gault, captures the decency and skeptical humor of the man and deals at some length with his various books over the years. Gault was a major force and deserves republication.

The second article by Ed Lynskey is a long and serious overview of the work of Bruno Fischer a man whose work, for me, gets better as the years pass. Ed spends considerable time dealing with The Evil Days, which many, including me, consider Fischer's best book. That it came at the end of his career is especially impressive. Despite a long career, the book demonstrates that he very much still had the fire.


Tom Piccirilli and some of his friends have stated a new discussion site for people interested in hardbiled fiction new and old. It's already packed with a great deal of interesting opinion and information.

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