Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sunday night viewing

I thought Entourage was fair to middling last Sunday. It must be my superior intelligence but I knew instantly that the boys' film would flop at Cannes, as it did. The best part was the cute and sweet sub-plot with Johnny Drama. Finally reality catches up with Johnny's fantasies. In France Viking Quest is a popular show. His French girl friend was sexy, stylish and really fetching. A non-bimbo even if she was a bit of a groupie. That was a refreshing change. I still hope somebody plants an axe deep into Walsh's head. Turtle is hopeless. Ari is getting dull...I hate to say it because it was my favorite show for three seasons...but it just seems tired and over.

On the the hand Flight of The Conchords was so good I'd put it up against the best of Seinfeld. That original, that funny; and sort of Monty Python strange in places. The lads found their own Walsh in the bongo player...another one deserving of an axe buried deep in the skull. And he was familiar. We've all known people like him...no talent, arrogant, smug, devious...I've watched the episode twice now and it's spot on perfect.


I. Michael Koontz said...

Entourage is in a rut. God, I hate this Medellin flick and I didn't even have to sit through its disastrous Cannes screening, unlike the characters on the show.

And when Walsh had that pistol to his head an episode or two ago, did you yell 'Pull it! Pull the trigger!" too?

Ari has turned into the stereotypical 'anxious Jewish mother' and almost never brings a laugh anymore. He belongs in a Woody Allen film.

Only the Drama story was interesting and surprisingly sweet, even if the end was a little obvious. Not much hope for the crew to find their funny next season, I'm afraid.

Conchords finished strong after a middling middle. Catch the first few episodes and you'll like them, too. They contain the best songs of the season--some are almost strong enough to be released as singles.

The only suspense now is this: Can Larry David recover from a rather lackluster last season of 'Curb'?

pattinase (abbott) said...

That bongo player was fabulous. I could finally understand every word said. I vote to keep him with the band just for that asset.