Sunday, December 14, 2008

Popular Fiction Peridodicals

This is a pre-review of Jeff Canja's forthcoming "Collectors Guide To Vintage Pulps, Digest and Magazines" entitled Popular Fiction Periodicals.

In more than 350 tightly packed pages, Jeff reprints covers of everything from slicks such as Cosmopolitan to the men's magazine such as Rogue and For Men Only to the pulps such as Doc Savage and Thrilling Wonder. The gallery of covers spans most of last century and includes, in a following section, not only more covers but lists of writers and artists associated with particular publications. And all this is introduced in a rich and fascinating article by Jeff on the history of magazines in America. He couples this with recommendations on collecting the magazines.

This is a true spellbinder, a lavishly illustrated history of magazines of every kind, from the demure Redbook of the early Forties to the `spicy' girl magazines of the Thirties to the hardboiled bastions of Black Mask and Manhunt. Science fiction and fantasy is represented in page after page of covers that track the field from its `scientifiction' days to the rise of the great Galaxy.

This is a mandatory purchase. No collection of popular fiction--for collector, reader or library--will be complete without this exhaustive and dazzling book.


pattinase (abbott) said...

A little review of your wonderful GHOST TOWN on my blog yesterday. I just loved it. It wasn't a western or a crime novel. It was a novel. Period.

Anonymous said...

Ed, thanks for the alert. I *love* these kinds of books. Consider your pre-review a pre-sale in my case. ~ Ron C.

Anonymous said...

Ed, I can't find any mention of it on Amazon or by Googling either the title or Popular Fiction Periodicals.

Can you point me/us to the website or some other ordering info? Thanks.

Ron C.