Monday, December 29, 2008



Check out the beautiful photo of beautiful Judy Crider on Bill’s website tonight. Bill himself looks like the kind of young man every parent would want for a son-in-law. Seriously.


In a private text message obtained by The Daily Beast, Mickey Rourke bashes Sean Penn--his chief rival in the Oscar race--as a "homophobe" and an "average" actor.

Whistleblower has learned from several entertainment industry sources, that Mickey Rourke--whose extraordinary comeback performance in The Wrestler is garnering him early praise as a shoo-in for a best actor Oscar nomination--is trash talking his likely toughest competitor, Sean Penn, whose acting in Milk has earned rave reviews.

After his December 23 appearance on David Letterman, Rourke told someone backstage that he was surprised that so many people seemed to think that Penn was his Oscar competition since "I'm not even sure he'll get a nomination."


Longtime fan and writer George Kelly has started his own website. His first post takes up the case for E.C. Tubb’s long running Dumarest series. While it was never as innovative or influential as anything by Leigh Brackett or Edmond Hamilton, I somehow managed to read every one of the twenty-some books. He took basic pulp sf tropes and gave them new life by making his protagonist both forlorn and humane.


mybillcrider said...

Thanks, Ed. I wish I still looked like that!

Anonymous said...

Rourke has been putting his foot in his mouth his whole career. So nothing new there that he is claiming that Penn won't get nominated. I mean if I remember correctly Rourke was the original lead for Death Proof only to be replaced by Kurt Russell. He really must have rubbed Tarantino the wrong way.