Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scooping Bill Crider

I ran across this today and was surprised I hadn't seen it on my friend Bill Crider's website. Now I'm not going to provide link information because I don't like what this guy is doing. But given that revenge is a dish best served cold this is one chilly way to get back at the girl who dumped you. This may sound sexist but I'm told that a woman did this to her cheating ex revealing in the pics that he suffered from shrinkage even though he hadn't been in water recently.

"As I was about to walk up to her they both started walking towards the door and left the bar. I followed them from a distance. I saw her get into his car which was parked in a small dark road. I waited for a minute or two but the car didn't move. I walked up to the car and caught them having sex inside. My heart was broken and I immediately broke up with her.

"When we were going out she let me take dirty pics of her with my camera. To get revenge I decided to share those pics with everyone on the internet right here on this site. I'm hoping that lots of people will get to see her pics and know that she is a cheater."

To help me out please take the following link (its your link) and share it with your friends (through instant messenger or email) and the more people that click your link the more pics you'll be able to see. There are 59 pics, each click will reveal an additional pic at the bottom of this page. If 100 people click your link, a dirty video of her will also appear.

UPDATE: I've now gotten eight (eight!) off-line emails demanding that I print the link. I agree with Todd mason, she is indeed a babe.


mybillcrider said...

Dang, scooped again! But we want to see the evidence, Ed!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Agree with Bill - give us the link to the evidence - otherwise it won't stand up in court,.

Todd Mason said...

Having found the source page, it sure looks like a means of gathering valid email addresses for some sort of scam or data mining. She's cute, though.

Anonymous said...

Ed... ED! You've been taken in by a porn scam!

Don't lose yourself to the Dark Side! (You'll never get any work done.)


(Still, I wish I knew a hundred people I could send this to so I could see the rest of it myself. I was lost to the Dark Side long ago.)

Todd Mason said...

Some people still pay for lists of active email addresses read by, shall we say, approachable future customers (or "marks"), I suspect.