Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Absolutely terrible news

From reports that producer/director Andy Fickman (Race to Witch Mountain) is currently developing four RKO Pictures horror remakes with Twisted Pictures (Saw), starting with I Walked With a Zombie, based on a strange 1943 movie.

Adam Marcus, who helmed Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, will direct the movie, about a nurse who uses voodoo to resurrect the wife of a plantation manager. "We're just getting ready to start going out for casting on that, and we'll film that in New Orleans in the spring," Finkman told the site.

Race to Witch Mountain opens March 13.

Ed here:

The grace, the elegance, the literary sources of myth and legend that inspired the beautiful films of Val Lewton will now be handled by the guy who did Jason Goes To Hell?

I don't have anything against hackwork--I've done my share God knows--but there are pieces of art you should never touch. Or in this case defile.

From the producers of Saw...King Lear. "He's a crazy old bastard with naked chicks in the basement of the castle...and an axe that demands the flesh of virgins!"


Gonzalo B said...

Wasn’t I Walked With a Zombie already remade as one of the Tales from the Crypt movie franchises?

Ed Gorman said...

I don't know. But man "from the producers Saw" guantees schlock.

Fred Blosser said...

Ed, if you'd write the script, I'd go see that take on Lear in a heartbeat.

Colin said...

Remakes are a tricky thing, but it will most likely inspire a handful of kids to go back into the vaults and rediscover the originals.