Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Collectors' Guide To Vintage Magazines

Popular Fiction Periodicals: A Collectors' Guide to Vintage pulps, digests and magazines is one of those books you'll be reading and looking at for years. Packed with more than 1,800 photographs of magazines of every kind--mystery, science fiction, sports, skin, romance, western and so on--it is a virtual art gallery of news stand America in the twentieth century. Knock-out covers in every genre from the sweet to the grotesque.

Writer Jeff Cana has also identified and indexed authors and cover artists and even included information on author pen-names. He leads off with an excellent history of the American magazine stretching back to 1741. An imprssive piece of scholarship and a fascinating study.

Jeff also provides valuation tips for collectors, used book dealers and Internet sellers. The amount of research here is staggering. This is one of the holy books. A true keeper and a pleasure to just sit down and thumb through over and over.

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Boy Ed, she really did not like the stereotypical reference to Asian bush!