Saturday, April 18, 2009

T. J. MacGregor

Trish MacGregor and I have been good friends since the mid-Eighties. Trish is married to another fine writer Rob MacGregor and I'll be surprised if their beautiful daughter Megan doesn't someday start writing her own books. Here's Trish's take on getting published:

"For years, my writing was confined to nights and weekends and whatever free time I could steal from my day job. I wrote five novels, all of which were rejected, and finally found the right voice with my sixth novel, IN SHADOW. It was set in Miami, involved a designer drug that enhanced telepathy, and featured a white and black cop who were investigating a series of murders.

"The book was rejected twenty four times before Ballantine bought it in September 1984 the Monday after the premier of Miami Vice. My editor admitted that he decided to buy the book after seeing the first episode of Vice. Timing, passion, and a relentless belief in yourself are crucial to success in any field, but particularly in writing. Never give up!" (From Booktalk)

Over the past two decades Trish has published suspense as well as paranormal fiction of a superior kind, as many reviewers attest. But of course she's suffered all the slings and arrows most of us have. Selling novels these days takes a kind of hand-to-hand combat. It's not for the timid.

So I thought I'd share some of Trish's good news with everybody: Trish just got a three book contract with TOR for a new series of edgy fantasy-horror set in Ecuador, a country Trish knows well. A hard-soft deal, the first book written.

There's a fair share of doom and gloom among writers these days. And understandably. So it's nice to share some good news for once.

Congratulations, Trish.

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mybillcrider said...

Glad to hear this! My congratulations as well.