Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sparing Ed's Feelings

6300 of you wrote me off line to tell me I was rooked--no such thing as Kindle-smell. Dean Koontz called and we were talking and I started telling him about it and as I did...I realized I'd been had.

Does this mean the $47, 5000 I send to that Nigerian prince won't come back to me triple fold?


mybillcrider said...

Don't sweat it, Ed. Those Nigerians can be trusted to come through as promised.

Dave Zeltserman said...

Ed, I still like the idea of an aersol product to make books smell like crunchy bacon. Next time the Nigerians hit you up for money, contact me instead, and we'll get that aersol spray developed! We'll clean up! Hell, Charlie Stella will be good for at least a case of the stuff!!

Todd Mason said...

Fighting a chest cold, myself, and on a rotating regimen of cold dope, and Everything smells like bacon to me. And I'm a vegetarian.

charlie stella said...

Two cases, please. I have upcoming birthdays to buy presents for.

I once bought a cinder block wrapped in a neat new camcorder box ... only $50.00 outside the Holland Tunnel, which was a real deal, because a wiseguy friend of mine paid $75.00 for the same item outside the Lincoln Tunnel.

Regular bargain shopper, I am.