Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beware-Crankiness Ahead Talking Funny

I watched Talking Funny last night with Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis CK, and Ricky Gervais and my impression was that these egomaniacs love themselves a lot more than I do.

Seinfeld hasn't been very funny since his show ended, Rock peaked sometime back, Louis CK has always irritated me (he's the guy at the bar who always gets decked) and Gervais' fame and fortune has turned him into a preening parody of his former self.

So there you have it--my prejudices going in. I admit to them. Maybe I'm being unfair. Maybe when this many shallow minds try to get analytical at once boredom is guaranteed. It's what I always tell people who people who are assume that all writers are smart. I always say no, they're not. (I'm not very smart--and that's not self-effacement; I'm just not that bright.) They're talented. And there's a difference. For instance If you've ever heard Marlon Brando try to talk you know that not all actors are smart.

What I'm saying is that all the guys on Talking Funny last night are indisputably talented. Seinfeld-Larry David created what is for me the greatest anti-sit-com of all time. Rock knocked the walls down. Geravis' Extras is nothing less than brilliant; to me it's more important than his version of The Office. Louie CK, I'm sorry to say, is not in this league and never will be. But four out of five ain't bad.

Maybe I expected too much and the fault is therefore mine. I didn't hate it, I just thought it was dull..


RJR said...

Sorry, still hate Seinfeld, the man AND the show. I have never seen his appeal.


Vince said...

I only caught the tail end of the show last night, but I intend to watch it in full at some point. I have to stick up for Louis CK. He's always branded a "comedian's comedian," which to me has always meant someone more popular among other comics than a general audience. But I'd easily put him in the top rank of performers. And his FX show LOUIE is brilliant. Dark, personal, unsettling. He did an episode about an encounter with bullies that was sensational.

Anonymous said...

Is that a coffee cup Seinfeld is holding?

Ed Lynskey

Cap'n Bob said...

Truman Capote said actors are not very smart, and I've seen little to refute the claim.

Gonzalo B said...

Louis CK is definitely worth a second look and yes, that episode with the bullies was particularly good (and haunting).

Todd Mason said...

Four comedians a bit along the Asperger's spectrum, I think. Even more than usual among standups. CK is widely respected among other comedians in part for his fecundity...he likes to turn his whole routine over every year, write a completely new show...which, for standups, is unusual. (Mockery by writers who don't repeat themselves from story to story is not unexpected at this point.)