Saturday, April 30, 2011

David Letterman vs. Donald Trump

Ed Gorman: I've said many times that Mark Evanier's "News From Me" is one of my five favorite blog spots. His knowledge, wit and wisdom make just about every blog post memorable. Yesterday he opined on the Donald Trump-David Letterman connection and it's a showbiz story that is relevant to the sorry state of our politics today. Log on and scroll down a ways. This is definitely a must-read if you're interested in confirming (again and again) what a giant true 100% asshole Trump is.

Mark Evanier:

"In the meantime, I have a sorta-first-person anecdote about Trump and Letterman. I was backstage at a taping of Dave's NBC show back in May of 1992 when Donald Trump was a guest and I'm going to tell what I remember with the following caveat: I have a real good memory but I'm not sure I recall this exactly. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the details at the time and some of the backstory I heard was second-hand. So I don't guarantee I have this exact but the essence of the story is true...

Mike Tyson had been sentenced to prison for raping a beauty pageant contestant. Trump had made headlines with a suggestion that struck some as outrageous. It was that Tyson not serve time behind bars but instead atone for his crimes with a couple of boxing matches — perhaps promoted by Mr. Trump or at a Trump resort? — with the proceeds going to charity. The proposal was big news for a few days there and Trump was appearing on Dave's show to discuss it."

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Charlieopera said...

As you know, Ed, I'm no fan of either major party and Obama's track record thus far makes me puke, but his slapdown of Trump and the rest of the GOP at that dinner party was top notch (except the Biden bit going a bit long). The look on the arrogant pissant, Trump ... priceless. The other arrogant pissant in the room, O'Reilly, appeared equally constipated when Obama made that wonderful crack about the clip from Lion King being a joke, a cartoon the Fox news network shouldn't take seriously.

Great stuff.