Monday, April 18, 2011

The new "Parker." What do you think?

Jason Statham is 'Parker' for Taylor Hackford's New Film Noir Thriller
April 18, 2011
Source: Variety
by Ethan Anderton

(link from Noir of The Week)

Since his 2010 film Love Ranch starring Joe Pesci went largely unnoticed, director Taylor Hackford (Ray) looks to be putting his talents to work on a film more appealing to general audiences. Variety reports the filmmaker will direct a new thriller called Parker, and Jason Statham (Crank, The Transporter) is in negotiations to star in the film as well. Based on series of novels by Donald Westlake, the story follows a thief who, though at times is forced to be a killer, still lives by a code of honor that includes never stealing money from people who need it. His word is his bond, and if he is crossed he will strike back. Read on!

This definitely sounds like a job for Jason Statham, and considering Westlake has written no less than sixteen novels featuring the titular character. This isn't the first time, the character has been seen on screen as films like Payback (with Mel Gibson) and The Outfit (with Robert Duvall) were adapted from stories featuring Parker, though his character name was changed for the films themselves. Hackford is looking forward to making this his first sort of film noir saying, "I don't want to get stuck in a genre. What I like the most about this piece of material is that you can take a genre piece like this and turn it into a great movie." The role seems like old trick for Statham, but with someone like Hackford behind the camera, this could be interesting. What do you think?


David Cranmer said...

I can see Jason Statham as Parker. I'd buy a ticket.

Blogorilla said...

I think Statham's a good choice, but I doubt Hollywood is capable of making anything except "Parker-lite".

Nicholas Ahlhelm said...

As long as it is more like his Guy Ritchie work and less like Crank or Transporter, this should be amazing.

RJR said...

Don't forget Lee Marvin as
"Walker" in POINT BLANK. Statham should be okay, but he's no Lee Marvin.


Anonymous said...

Statham could be good, but I think the onus is on the director and scripter. As Bologorilla says, chances are it'll be Parker-Lite. But if Hackford sticks to most of Stark's grittiness and plot, it could work nicely.

Cullen Gallagher said...

I like Statham, though his last movie was disappointing, The Mechanic. I'm looking forward to seeing the remake of 13 that he is in, as well as the Ken Bruen adaptation. Hopefully they'll get released in the US this year.

Vince said...

I like Statham in the part. I like Hackford behind the camera. I hate the idea of Parker as a Robin Hood figure with a code. Parker is a professional. He goes where the money is. One of the interesting developments in the later books is the effect of a largely cashless society on crime, with Westlake forcing Parker to rob movie theaters and check-cashing stores.