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If you've been reading our newsletters for the past few months, you know that we've announced an effort to publish the mystery/detective fiction of Fredric Brown.

We're still finalizing the contents of the first two volumes, but above is a peek at our approach.

Next month we'll launch a new page with more details and plan to share the finalized contents.

Haffner Press and Classic Pulp Literature

From Diamond Galleries:

Columnist Mark Squirek delves deeper into the world of pulp revivals and talks with Haffner Press’s Stephen Haffner.

Classic pulp literature is undergoing a renaissance of public awareness. Many who come to pulps for the first time are struck by the vivid imagery and wild imagination behind science fiction stories that date back to a hundred years ago. Others love discovering heroes such as The Spider, Doc Savage or The Green Lama for the first time. One of the biggest reasons for this upsurge in awareness is the ability of small presses to reprint the best that the genre had to offer.

Over the last decade Haffner Press has emerged as one of the most important reprint houses in the field of pulp literature. Since 1998 the publishing company has been printing archival, high-quality editions of classic pulp fiction as well as helping new fans discover some of pulp’s best writers. Today their compilations and hardcover editions are among the most celebrated reprints in the genre.

This year Haffner Press has one of their most ambitious publishing schedules yet. There are at least eight new titles on the docket including Volumes Four and Five of their Collected Works of Edmond Hamilton and The Collected Captain Future Volume Three.

This spring will see several other titles including Thunder in the Void, a collection of Henry Kuttner’s best work in science fiction. The stories are being reprinted from such classic pulp titles as Weird Tales, Astonishing Stories, Planet Stories and Super Science Fiction.

Stephen Haffner, the publisher of Haffner Press, took a few minutes out of his packed day to talk about some of the upcoming titles with Scoop. “2010 saw the publication of one of our fastest selling books yet, Terror in the House, The Early Kuttner Volume One. This collection of the author’s early forays into the supernatural, horror and science fiction is already close to selling out in its first printing.” Kuttner is a favorite of Haffner’s and his enthusiasm for the writer shows as he speaks of the upcoming Kuttner science fiction compilation, Thunder in the Void.

“These are Kuttner’s early space opera stories, including a never-before-published story Kuttner wrote as a teenager. The themes are a bit more ‘adult’ than, let’s say, Captain Future. Two of the most fun and crazy stories come from the pulp Marvel Science Stories. This was owned by the man who eventually published Marvel Comics, Martin Goodman.”

“One of my favorites in this volume is The Time Trap. I call this a ‘kitchen sink’ novel. Absolutely everything that you could imagine is in this story. You have, of course, time travel. But there is also space travel, an alien invasion and brain-swapping. To tell you more would ruin the surprise!”


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