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Backlist Spotlight: The Georgia Davis PI Series Libby Fischer Hellman

Backlist Spotlight: The Georgia Davis PI Series

Backlist Spotlight: The Georgia Davis PI Series

Hi, again. In the third Ellie Foreman mystery, I introduced Georgia Davis, who at the time of that book, was a cop. She is as different from Ellie as you could get. While Ellie would love to go out for lunch and spill TMI, Georgia doesn’t want to go out to lunch with you. She’s reserved, cautious, and has a lot of baggage. Still, she’s strett-smart, brave, and has an incorruptible sense of justice, and I knew one day she was going to have her own novel. I just had to wait for the right story.

Easy Innocence, my fifth novel was that story. When we find Georgia, she is no longer a police officer (as you’ll discover in An Image of Death). She’s hung out her shingle as a PI, and in her first big case, she investigates the murder of a high school girl during a hazing incident. Along the way, she crosses xxx with a crooked real estate developer, but more importantly, she discovers just how far teen girls will go for approval from their peers. Easy Innocence won the Readers Choice Award for Best PI Novel.
In Doubleback, Georgia and Ellie team up after the kidnapping of a young girl triggers a series of deadly events. From the opening scene in an elevator, which some have called the “tensest first chapter ever,” to the explosive conclusion on the Arizona border, Doubleback is a combination mystery and thriller. The novel was the "Great Lakes Great Read" Autumn Pick in 2009.    
ToxiCity , the Georgia Davis prequel, takes place ten years before Easy Innocence, when Georgia was a rookie cop. Three bodies turn up in quick succession--all of them dumped in waste disposal dumpsters or landfills. Officer Georgia Davis, her boyfriend detective, and his partner team up to investigate and find much more than they bargained for.

The fourth Georgia Davis thriller should be out in late 2014 or early 2015.

A few reviews:

“Hellmann brings to life the reality of hazing and bullying among teenage girls in a story with enough twists and turns to keep you reading to the end. Highly recommended.”
—Library Journal (starred review)

“Just what’s needed in a mystery… Depth of characterization sets this new entry apart from a crowded field.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Libby Hellmann can get into the mind of a character, whether the character is a mentally ill man or a teenage girl. PI Georgia Davis, the no-nonsense heart of this tale… finds a darkness I didn’t see coming. This is good stuff, very good stuff.”
—Stuart M. Kaminsky, Grand Master, Mystery Writers of America

“There’s a new no-nonsense female private Detective in town: Georgia Davis, a former cop who is tough and smart enough to give even the legendary V.I. Warshawski a run for her money…”
 —Chicago Tribune

“Hellmann’s done her homework here and it shows: the writing is assured, the voices authentic…Davis’s arrival on the mean streets is long overdue.”
—Sara Paretsky, author of the V.I. Warshawski series

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I read EASY INNOCENCE and loved it. Libby is on my TBR list for good.