Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Hello, Everyone—
When I wished everybody a Happy New Year last time, I neglected to mention cold and flu season. It's miserable but can be an effective weight loss program. Like all such things, the problem isn't taking it off, it's keeping it off. Once you stumble out of bed. All told, the gym membership probably makes for a better resolution.
Read any good books lately? Hopefully you've delved into the Charles Williams volume that shipped last month and get your taste, be it new or a refresher, of this fine author.

Jada Davis
Jada M. Davis's wonderful and moving The Midnight Road is shipping this week and my guess is that at this time next year you'll see it on many "Best of" lists for 2014. James Reasoner already listed it for 2013 but he only saw an advanced copy. He listed it on his blog as a book "not even out yet that you need to remember so you can grab [one] later on":
MIDNIGHT ROAD, Jada Davis (another almost lost hardboiled masterpiece from Davis, and a fine coming-of-age novel at the same time)
Crime Club members should be receiving their books now, but if you're not a member and want a copy, remember all our books are shipped well-protected in wraparound cardboard containers--no envelopes here.

In the Department of Special Announcements, Stark House is quite proud to announce a forthcoming edition of  two of legendary author Ed Gorman's finest private eye novels, The Autumn Deadand The Night Remembers.

The Autumn Dead features Jack Dwyer, one-time cop now part-time actor and private investigator. The Night Remembers is the only full-length Jack Walsh novel. We'll update you more on these as the books make their way through the production process.

Closer to the release schedule, we have the forthcoming John Trinian volume going to the printer for review copies. That one features some fine writing by an enigmatic character who said of himself that he didn't write literature, he wrote pulp fiction. Trinian, whose real name was Zekial Marko, whose original name was Marvin Schmoker, clearly has a different idea of what "pulp fiction" means than most of the rest of us. He is the author of only seven novels, some more crime-oriented than others, but more literate character-based crime fiction would be difficult to find.

John Trinian
And once again, the standard disclaimer:
If you wish to get our latest releases still warm from the printer's pressers, you can always sign up for our Crime Book Club and take advantage of discounts and deals on back list titles for new members.

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michael said...

Great news to see a new Sam McCain adventure announced on Amazon today. Do we get any news about this event on the blog? Many thanks! Sam McCain fan number 1!

Mathew Paust said...

Yayyyyyy! Glad my funky Internet server allowed me to check in here this morning. I've been starved for a new McCain. With bated breath...

Tony Renner said...

Your Crime Club link is incorrect. Here's the right info:

You may have sold me on John Trinian....