Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Our friend Ron Scheer diagnosed with cancer

From David Cranmer

Friends , Ron Scheer was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and this past Thursday went in forsurgery which was successful and he is recovering at home. Before the surgeryhe wrote, “My mainconcern long-term is whether I will regain use of my left hand and arm--enoughat least to type easily again. But no matter how this turns out, I feel in goodhands. I'm resourceful and will find a way through this. Long ago learned thatwhen one door closes, another somewhere opens.”He askedPatti and me to let his friends in the writing community know of his situation.Please forward this e-mail to anyone I may have missed.He ismonitoring his inbox and I’m sure a note from his friends would cheer him up,though he may not be able to respond to all.Best, DavidCranmer PS I don’thave Richard Wheeler, Walker Martin, James Best or Oscar Case’s emailaddresses and I know they are regulars to his blog.  

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