Monday, May 18, 2015

Brash Books Party and Great Reviews

Barnes and Noble store

Hi Ed,
You're Invited to the Party
Barnes & Noble at The Grove, the chain's flagship Los Angeles store, 
is hosting a launch party and signing for Craig Faustus Buck's 
at 7 PM on June 9th. There will be food, drinks (non-alcoholic), 
and we're sure that these two talented writers will have lots of funny 
and fascinating stories to share. You're invited to attend! 
Please RSVP to
The Praise Keeps Coming
Our books have been getting a ton of great reviews over 
the past few days.Publishers Weekly says our reissue of 
Jack Lynch's YESTERDAY IS DEAD"ought to be on the radar of any 
enthusiast for American private eye fiction." 
And CrimeSpree Magazine notes that the Bragg series is "straight up 
some of the best California hard boiled writing you will ever read. 
Lynch is a natural story teller and has such a wonderful style i
t is impossible to put the book down. If you like reading 
noir-ish books or are a fan of hardboiled detectives, grab this book now."

Bookgasm loved Gerald Duff's MEMPHIS RIBS... here's a taste of the 
fabulous review that they cooked up:
"Reminiscent of the best of Joe R. Lansdale and the late Elmore Leonard.
 Duff also effectively illustrates the very thin line that separates religion and 
barbecue in the minds of many southern U.S. natives. Along with the humor 
and insight, Duff includes no small amount of suspense as Ragsdale and 
Tyrone get closer to the main instigators of the crime and attempt to foil 
their grand scheme without losing their lives along the way. And if all this 
weren’t enough, it also succeeds in something few novels do: it will make 
you hungry for a huge slab of ribs grilled slow and low, or for the biggest 
sandwich of sauced pulled pork you can get your hands around. All of t
hese combine to make MEMPHIS RIBS a crime fiction entrée well worth ordering up."
How can you beat that? You can't. But we can season i
t with some praise we got last week from theMemphis Flyer, which says:
"Duff’s recipe is a kind of reverse love letter to the Bluff City—a city with 
some big issues mixed in with good times and a city to make a novelist feel, 
as Duff once did, not only inspired but, hell, right at home."
Susannah Screaming

And if that wasn't enough, Bookgasm 
also had some very nice things to say about Carolyn Weston's 
SUSANNAH SCREAMING... the second book in the series that became 
"Weston masterfully guides us through the complexities of the 
but convincing plots, and especially for her deft characterizations"
We're absolutely thrilled that so many people are loving these g
reat crime novels as much as we do... and we hope you're among them!

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Unknown said...

I recently just read a book of yours for the first time that I found at a very small library. I am fascinated. So happy to see you have a blog!