Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One of Bill Crider's best-Outrage At Blanco

Outrage at Blanco
From Linear Reflections 

Written by: Bill Crider
Published by: Brash Books

When Ellie Taine set out home from Blanco, Texas with a wagonload of supplies, she was expecting nothing more than a long and dusty ride. In 1887 there were no real conveniences, especially outside of town. Turns out she’s about to be a little bit of frosting on the cake for a couple of psychopathic bank robbers headed in to clean out the bank. 

The bad guys are idiots, and make a grave mistake at this point - Ellie Taine is left alive after being brutally raped. 

Ellie makes her way home, numb and rather dazed, where he husband straps on his Colt and heads out looking for justice. He never makes it home. 

With a burning deep in her soul for justice, Ellie Taine sets out after the murdering criminals. The trail leads her to Jonathan Crossland, a dying rancher who see Ellie’s quest as a chance to die honorably and not waste away in bed. Turns out Crossland has a past that will come in handy, and Ellie, while concerned for his health, welcomes the company.

Blanco’s yellow-bellied deputy is quite content to let Ellie ride off and take care of the manhunt without him. Together she and Crossland set out seeking both justice and vengeance, with neither one of them expecting to survive. 

Westerns are a wonderful way to relax for me, just kick back and fall into a story whose genre was one of the first to find its way into my heart. However, Crider doesn’t just deliver a typical Western, this one keeps you turning pages to find out what’s going to happen next.

Article by: Naomi De Bruyn 
posted:18 May 2015

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