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Jason Alexander Reveals Why Susan Was Killed Off On 'Seinfeld'

Jason Alexander Reveals Why Susan Was Killed Off On 'Seinfeld'

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Remember Susan Ross? Of course you do: she was George
 Costanza's fiancée who died from licking envelopes on "Seinfeld." 
Since the 1996 Season 7 finale, fans have wondered why
Heidi Swedberg's Susan was axed from the sitcom. The rumor
was that Jason Alexander didn't like working with her.
To set the record straight, Howard Stern asked the
actor what the real story was during "The Howard Stern Show" on Wednesday.
"The actress is this wonderful girl. I love her,"
 Alexander assured Stern at first. But the real problem was figuring
out "how to play off of her," the actor said. "Her instincts for
doing a scene -- where the comedy was, and mine --
were always misfiring."
But Larry David continued to write Susan into the show,
calling Alexander to tell him George would be marrying Susan.
"We could do the most horrible things to her," Alexander told Stern,
"but the audience was still on my side." Finally, though, the rest
of the cast learned how difficult it was to play off of Swedberg's character. 
After Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld both had scenes with
 her, they knew it wasn't going to work any longer.
'It's fucking impossible,'" Alexander recalled them saying. "
Julia said, 'Don't you wanna just kill her?' And Larry went 'Ka-bang!'"
And that is how Susan Ross died from cheap envelope glue.

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