Thursday, June 04, 2015

Now Available: Bad Money - Ed Gorman

Now Available: Bad Money - Ed Gorman

                  Ed here: I'd run across an article about how counterfeiting in the 1880s threatened our entire economy. I'd always wanted to do a kind of Donald Hamilton version of a Government Agent set in the late Old West. Which is how this one came about. I really enjoyed writing it. Hamilton has been one of my idols since the early 60s. Thanks to Livia and James Reasoner for not only publishing it but giving me a striking cover.

Government investigator Dev Mallory is on the trail of a gang of counterfeiters so audacious that their scheme could make the nation's economy collapse. But what Dev finds in Denver is a tangled web of murder, deceit, and a threat from his own checkered past. Sorting it out will take him on a harrowing journey that risks not only his life but also his soul! 

BAD MONEY is a compelling historical mystery from award-winning author Ed Gorman. See for yourself why Gorman is acclaimed as one of today's top writers of Westerns, mysteries, and novels of dark suspense

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Ben Boulden said...

This is one of my favorites. I hadn't put together the connection between it and Matt Helm, but I'm always in for a re-read.