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The Consciousness Plague on special sale for $3.99

The  Consciousness Plague on special sale for $3.99

Paul Levinson
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The Consciousness Plague on special sale for $3.99
 (list price $7.99)
 for just a few days

"more nearly reaches the heights of Isaac Asimov's
classic SF
mysteries than those of most other genre hands
who attempt them manage to do these days" -
 Roland Green, Booklist

"Levinson's intelligent blend of police
procedural and
speculative fiction should appeal to fans of
mystery and
science fiction" - Library Journal

"Intriguing speculation, solid sleuthing, and agreeably
baffling suspects" - Kirkus

"A satisfying blend of murder mystery, police procedure
, and science fiction" - Orlando Sentinel

"D'Amato [is] ... an earnest Everyman, operating on a shoeshine and a hunch" - Paul Di Filippo, SFWeekly

"Quincy would be proud!" - SciFiDimensions

"Highly enjoyable" - New England
 Science Fiction Association
Members' Reviews

Levinson "infuses his mysteries with
cutting edge forensics and his science fiction
with philosophical meaning" - Kojo Nnamdi, NPR

"A little bit mystery, a little bit sci-fi
and a whole lot of
 inquisitive character
development kept me glued to
The Consciousness Plague from
beginning to end.
For those interested in medicine
, serial killers and
mysteries you'll find this book a
quick read and you'll wish
 it didn't have to end so soon." - scrink

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