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Forgotten Books: Blood Marks by Bill Crider


Forgotten Books: Blood Marks by Bill Crider

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Blood Marks

 Blood Marks eBook: Bill Crider: Kindle Store
He's smart, 
he's attractive, and he has a special vision: 
whenever he sees the blood 
marks on a woman--marks only he can 
see--he knows what he must do.

Kill her. Brutally. And not leave a trace of 
himself behind.

Nine women have died so far. And pretty 
Casey Buckner may 
be next. A young divorcee who's recently 
moved into an 
apartment complex near the Astrodome, 
Casey's already 
met three men in the building: a married 
accountant, a single writer, 
and a psychologist.

One of them is a serial killer. But which one...?

"...Not for gentle tastes, but a striking addition to the 
serial- killer subgenre--gory, repugnant, and gripping to its 
last ugly reverberation." - Kirkus Reviews

Ed here: I believe that time will judge this novel an 
enduring classic.It's rare to see a writer take a 
sub-genre as over-worked as the serial killer 
novel and make something completely new out of it.
But Bill Crider has done that with Blood Marks. 
The milieu is working class Texas and 
the cast a group of realistic characters l
iving believable lives and with the killer at work 
dying believable deaths. The writing is simple and 
forceful and 
evocative of its era and its social strata. 
And the remarks from the killer are 
as dazzling and deranged as any you'll 
find in the entire sub-genre. I'd put this 
on the same shelf as William Goldman's No Way To 
Treat A Lady--that much a slap in the face to 
wake you from the slumber inspired by all the other
hackneyed serial killer novels. A triumph.

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If you say it's good, Ed, that's good enuf for me!