Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The new Smith's Monthly is here!!!

More than sixty-five thousand words of original fiction from USA Todaybestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith.
In this twenty-third monthly volume the short novel, Heaven Painted as a Cop Car, a Ghost of a Chance novella, plus six short stories, an ongoing serial novel, and other features.
Short StoriesFighting the Fuzzy-Wuzzy: A Poker Boy Story
Husband Dummies
A Golden Dream: A Jukebox Story
Last Car for This Time: A Thunder Mountain Story
On Top of the Dead
The Yellow of the Flickering Past
Full NovellaHeaven Painted as a Cop Car: A Ghost of a Chance Novella
Serial NovelAn Easy Shot: A Golf Thriller (Part 6 of 8)
NonfictionIntroduction: A Very Short Novel
I've also just published a blog about the 24th issue of Smith's, which was just turned in. Here's that link if you're interested:http://www.wmgpublishinginc.com/2015/10/05/publishers-note-a-major-milestone/



On 10/4/15 11:55 AM, EJ Gorman wrote:



Recycled Pulp
Edited by John Helfers

The old becomes new again as fifteen talented authors go back to the lurid pulp titles of yesteryear through today’s rich, nuanced storytelling! Enjoy original tales featuring rebel angels fighting a heavenly enforcement squad, a cop whose life might depend on ordering the right deli sandwich, and a wizard who has just three days to pay off the loan on his tower or lose his very soul. Whatever your taste in stories, Recycled Pulp is sure to have something that will amaze, surprise, and delight you.

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