Sunday, October 25, 2015

The new Paperback Parade

Paperback Parade is the magazine for you if you are a book collector, reader, or just love great old books! Each 100 page, perfect-bound digest-size trade paperback, is in FULL COLOR loaded with articles on rare books, authors, artists, publisher runs, with dozens and dozens of gorgeous FULL COLOR covers of rare books of all kinds. Also “Paperback Talk” news, letters, show info, new books, people in the hobby. PAPERBACK PARADE #90, edited by Gary Lovisi, is the latest issue just out with articles by Phil Harbottle on rare British Authentic Science Fiction digests; Day Keene crime by Richard A. Lupoff; a look at western author Clair Huffaker; the Dagmar spy pbs; Tom Disch SF by Graham Andrews; Lancer 2-for-1 Books; Lou Cameron’s Angel Flight; Pulp Adventurecon 2014 report , more, full color, trade paperback, 100 pages, $15 + $3. postage. or You can subscribe: 3 issues in USA for $40. All International 3 for $65. You can pay using Paypal at the Gryphon Books website: www,; or to the Gryphon Books email address. You can also send a check or USPS money order to Gryphon Books, PO Box 280209, Brooklyn, NY 11228, USA.

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