Tuesday, February 08, 2011

$1.99 for A Creative Kind of Killer by Sandra Scoppettone

If you've been reading Sandra Scoppetone's blog, as you should, you'll know that Sandra has now started putting some of her fine novels on e books. A Creative Kind of Killer is a special favorite of mine. Fortune Fanelli is a great character and Sandra gives us an indelible portrait of Soho and environs.

Here's a review from The Library Thing:

Surprise after surprise assures a fast paced and suspenseful foray into the darker reaches of New York's art scene.

Fortune Fanelli, ex-cop turned private investigator (thanks to a smart investment) and a single parent of two, sets himself to the task of finding a young woman's killer, whose trail snakes along the underbelly of Manhattan's arty SoHo, where drug smugglers, runaway children, and legions of hustlers crowd.


What're you waiting for? Huh?

All this and for one $1.99 on Kindle.

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