Saturday, February 12, 2011

Phoenix Wordshop

Ed here: These are friends and co-workers of mine. I can't say I'm impartial in recommending them but I can say that given the years they've spent working as writers and editors--the latter including some very big names--I know that your experience with them will be of the utmost professionalism and editorial savvy. Between them they've worked with just about every publishing house and editor writers of every genre would likely submit to. And on top if it, they're nice people to work with. Here's how to contact them:

Phoenix Wordshop

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Welcome to Phoenix Wordshop, dedicated to helping each manuscript be the best it can be.

We bring both passion and professionalism to every manuscript we edit. Our founders (John Helfers, Larry Segriff, and Rosalind Greenberg) have more than fifty years of combined experience working in the publishing industry and have edited or written hundreds of novels and non-fiction books—many of which have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list.

Whether you’re looking to submit your book to a traditional publisher or self-publish it on your own, Phoenix Wordshop can help you to improve your work and increase your chance of success.

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