Friday, February 18, 2011

One more for Uncle Leo

This is not only a frame from my favorite Uncle Leo scene (it's hard to choose just one, no kidding) but also my favorite of his array of 1970s leisure suit jackets, the turd brown one. Just looking at him makes me feel better.

Robert Bob Levinson is a fine mystery writer and a fine reporter on the Hollywood he grew up in and remains a part of to this day. If Bob ever writes his autobiography it will be a best seller. Bob was nice enough to end me an e mail about Len Lesser, Uncle Leo.

Hi, Ed...

Len was a lovely gent. Lived within blocks of my son's pizza restaurant; came in often, until health problems led him to phone ordering for home delivery...During my time as president of the Hollywood Press Club, Len starred for us as Harry Cohn in a one-act play written by the late Malvin Wald (of "Naked City" fame; Jerry Wald's brother). Suffice it to say, he was terrific...A couple years ago, a mutual friend asked if I might be interested in co-authoring Len's autobiography. I declined, given it's not what I do, but did put Len together with another friend. Last I heard, the work was going well and she'd gotten Seinfeld to write an intro, but otherwise I have no idea of the project's current status...

Stay well.

Warmest regards,


Randy Johnson said...

I always liked Lesser in his Seinfeld appearances as well.

I also remember him from THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES as a man who thought he had the drop on old Josey. That stands out for some reason and I don't remember any other of his many westerns.

Matt Paust said...

I didn't watch much Seinfeld, so Uncle Leo doesn't register from there (altho I had an Uncle Leo - funny guy who always said when he cracked a fart, "Didn't pay its rent, had to get out." As for Mr. Lesser, who couldn't love a mug like his, and, yes, seeing him in that turd brown leisure suit jacket makes me feel better, too.