Friday, June 10, 2011

Black River Falls by Ed Gorman

AVAILABLE NOW on Kindle $2.99

Who would want to kill a beautiful young woman like Alison...and why? But whatever happened, nineteen-year-old Ben swore that he would protect her. It hadn't been easy for Ben--the boy the other kids always picked on. But then Ben found Alison and at last things were going his way...

Until one day he learned a secret so ugly that his entire life was changed forever. A secret that threatened to destroy everyone he loved. A secret as dark and dangerous as the tumbling waters of Black River Falls.

"A horrorific suspense novel that Alfred Hitchcock would have loved!" - Mystery Books

"The strongest suspense novel I've read all year!" -Gauntlet

"Gorman has the ability to hold the reader in the palm of his hand. In Black River Falls he demonstrates that he's a master storyteller." -A Shot in The Dark

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