Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not even Bill Crider has this :) Good Morning C***s

This should be a Bill Crider post but I thought I'd beat him for once with earth shattering news!

Virgin Atlantic Passengers Get a Foul Mouthed Awakening
by AOL Travel Staff Subscribe to AOL Travel Staff's posts
Looks like somebody's going to be in trouble after Virgin Atlantic passengers were greeted with a four-letter wakeup call Sunday.

"Get up, you c***s," read the message, sent by airplane crew and likely intended for two sleeping stewards, reports The Sun.

The crew members thought they were sending a private message to the TV screens of empty seats where the stewards were having a nap. Instead, the message was sent to all passengers in premium economy on the flight from Orlando to Glasgow.

According to the paper, passengers "complained the whole way home and some are seeking refunds and compensation."

A spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic spokesman said the incident was being investigated and that appropriate action will be taken as necessary.

It seems that obscenities are not taken lightly in the friendly skies. Just last week a Delta passenger was booted from his flight for using the f-word.


MP said...

Probably Al Swearengen was at the controls.

mybillcrider said...

Scooped again!